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Illinois Institute of Technology’s colleges offer programs that give you maximum flexibility to achieve your goals. The University offers traditional master’s and doctoral programs (thesis required), professional master’s programs (no thesis required), dozens of certificate specializations, dual-degree options, and short-term executive and professional packages. Some or all your graduate study may be completed online. You'll graduate with relevant skills and the broad worldview required to create meaningful change—whether you go on to a career in research or in the private sector.

Armour College of Engineering
Educating engineers for more than a century, Armour College of Engineering is located on Illinois Tech’s Mies Campus in Chicago. Founded in 1893 as Armour Institute, it’s dedicated to preparing students from all backgrounds for careers as engineers in a rapidly changing, technology-driven society. That mission and vision has not changed.

Today, Armour College continues the tradition of excellence in graduate engineering education and research that's aligned with national priorities. Our roster of more than 90 full-time faculty members are engaged in fundamental and applied research that leads to the development of new technologies of global impact. Faculty also drive the advancement of most of Illinois Tech’s research institutes and centers.

Armour College is committed to providing an excellent, technology-focused education that emphasizes the entrepreneurial and ethical aspects of engineering. Our graduate programs also provide greater insight into technology’s overall impact on society. Through rigorous and relevant research and study, you will be prepared to innovate and lead.

College of Architecture
The College of Architecture is one of the largest and most international architecture schools in the United States. With more than 650 students from 41 countries and more than 90 faculty members, the school itself represents a global metropolis in miniature. Our faculty are international prize-winning architects, scholars, and engineers. Our studio-based programs increase in complexity from basic building elements to the city itself. While urban contexts are emphasized throughout this progression, the scale of work grows along with our capabilities. Beyond the college, the city of Chicago provides the inspiration and a testing ground for our explorations as students learn directly from one of the world’s greatest metropolises.

Within this richly diverse context, students learn to define themselves as they progress through the curriculum, working toward ever greater levels of independence in their research, writing, and design. The College is devoted to educating students to become self-constructors—individuals who define and educate themselves. Our curriculum stresses research, analysis, and synthesis as the fundamental skills that allow our graduates to seize opportunities and explore new territories.

College of Computing
The College of Computing ensures graduates are ready to drive breakthrough innovation in a field where computation, data analysis, and cybersecurity are creating seismic shifts in business and industry. Our location in the burgeoning tech center of Chicago provides students with access to meaningful internship and career opportunities found only in a world-class city. The college develops the talent, tools, and technology to fuel a growing tech industry in Chicago and beyond by educating a workforce sophisticated in cutting-edge fields of computer science, applied mathematics, and information technologies. Our faculty mentorship ensures students get the hands-on experience needed to create significant breakthroughs and solve real-world problems.

Lewis College of Science and Letters
The Lewis College of Science and Letters offers the challenging and rigorous programs needed to face tomorrow’s problems and help our students change the world. Social consciousness is at the heart of every one of our programs allowing students become well-versed in the hard work required to affect change. Solve complex human problems with the aid of sophisticated technology and earn the 21st-century skills needed for your dream career.

Our graduate programs offer you dynamic and relevant research opportunities while you hone your expertise within a specific discipline. With a background in scientific thinking and evidence-based application, you’ll become what today’s employers are seeking: a smart problem solver.

In keeping with Illinois Tech’s longstanding tradition of offering relevant academic programs, Lewis College provides multiple pathways to the academic, professional, and entrepreneurial worlds. We offer all the benefits of a small school, coupled with major research capacity and all the advantages of the global metropolis of Chicago. It feels like a small private school, but our research is major league.

Stuart School of Business
At Stuart School of Business, we recognize the need to prepare students for a world focused on science, technology, and innovation. We give students more than just a degree—we prepare them with a unique perspective to conquer the challenges of the next global economy.

All business schools are not alike, and as the only business school in Chicago within a technology-focused university, Stuart is uniquely positioned to educate current professionals and students to excel in organizations where technology and analytics are key components of competitiveness. You’ll share the classroom with students from all backgrounds, representing more than 37 different countries. You’ll also shape your own informed, global worldview through connections with fellow students whose undergraduate degrees from universities around the world are in the fields of engineering, computer science, law, business, social science, and the humanities, and more.

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45 Graduate Program Options Offered

Program Certificate Master's Doctorate
Campus Hybrid Online Campus Hybrid Online Campus Hybrid Online
Architectural/Construction Science          
Biomedical Engineering            
Chemical Engineering              
Civil Engineering              
Computer Science              
Construction Management                
Design - other              
Electrical Engineering              
Environmental Engineering              
General MBA              
Industrial Technology                
Information Technology                
Intellectual Property Law                
International Law              
JD / Law Programs                
Landscape Architecture                
Manufacturing Engineering              
Mechanical Engineering              
Public Admin                
Rehabilitation Counseling                
Software Engineering                
Supply Chain Management                
Taxation - Law                
Transportation Eng/Mgmt                

Located in Chicago, IL

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Illinois Tech Graduate Programs

• Architecture & Design
• Biology & Biomedical Engineering
• Chemical & Biological Engineering
• Chemistry
• Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering
• Computational Science & Technology
• Data-Driven Disciplines
• Digital Humanities
• Electrical & Computer Engineering
• Energy & Sustainability
• Health Sciences
• Management
• Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Engineering
• Physics
• Psychology
• Security

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