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10 Colleges That Get Greek Life Right

Greek life doesn't have to be all binge drinking, scary hazing, and please-don't-let-that-video-end-up-on-YouTube shenanigans. Of course, a lot of students...

15 Colleges With the Most School Spirit

Yes, yes, yes we do! We've got spirit! How about the 15 schools on this list, as chosen by our friends at STEM Jobs magazine? Okay, their chants are...

Colleges Right for the Jock

You were the person at every football game with full body paint in sub-zero temperatures. Take a look at these schools where the experts say that...

Colleges That Are Especially Welcoming to Freshmen

Experts were asked to name schools that stand out in the way they welcome freshmen and integrate them into the college community.

Colleges Where Geek is Chic

If pocket protectors are a staple of your wardrobe, have we got the list for you! Here are the colleges where taped glasses are considered a fashion statement.

Colleges Where Sports Rule

At these schools, sports don't just happen on game days; it's a way of life. Foam fingers, jerseys, face paint: you'll find them all on the walk to your 9...

Colleges Where a High Percentage of Students Join Fraternities

If John Belushi screaming TOGA! and doing the gator on the dance floor is your idea of the perfect college, check out these schools.

Colleges With Tons of School Spirit

You know what it's time for? The perfect cheer! If thinking about school makes you feel like a Spartan cheerleader, take a look at this list.

Colleges With the Most Fraternities

Whether it's an academic fraternity or an Animal House-like brotherhood, you might find your perfect frat-fit at one of these schools.

Colleges With the Most Sororities

Sisterhood isn't just for nuns. Check out these schools to find those gals that will most likely be your lifelong friends.

Colleges With the Smallest Student-Faculty Ratios

If you attend one of these schools, you won't need to jockey for attention in class or pray that there isn't a wait during office hours.

Colleges and Universities That Are Havens for Hipsters

We asked and you voted. Our users say these schools are "havens for hipsters." So grab your fedora and a copy of "On the Road" and read on.


Colleges and Universities That Are Highly Recommended by Current Students

When you're looking for great schools to explore and add to your college list, there's nothing like a stamp of approval from a current student. All these...

Colleges and Universities With the Most School Spirit

Campus vibe is an important part of finding the right college for you! You don't want to go to a college with no school spirit, do you? Well, you won't have...

Colleges for Independent/Mature Students

Now in most colleges, you have to be somewhat of an adult--you know, bathing regularly and actually telling yourself to study. But these schools provide...